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Future of artificial intelligence for video surveillance .

Watch your securely stored footage from your desktop or smartphone, receive motion journal,
download video evidence, share or publish cameras with others

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Home Security Camera
Home Security
Today, there's a computer with artificial intelligence that can follow what is happening in your house or backyard. You can safely follow events through your own mobile phone or any other PC. Creating a home security system has never been easier. Get immediate notifications by telegram messenger and know what is happening on the ground. You can capture the movements of nefaqrious individuals. Keep an eye on your belongings simply by having a well placed wireless camera.
Video Live Journal helps to identify the target information by displaying only relevant events from the entire video stream. The application saves disc space and equipment costs, thanks to intelligent processing. Time-lapse (one frame per second) mode is available for storage. The complete video record will be played only upon the occurrence of one or other specific events. Computer keep an eye on your property to ensure that everything is OK.

Business Security
Set up simple and useful surveillance and monitoring systems by placing web camera at key positions around your business. Owner can know exactly what happens. For instance, your mobile phone will receive the elevator hall videos only when a specific event has occurred, provided that the hall is fitted with a camera. The system doesn't depend on web camera orientation in order to distinguish people animals, cars or other objects. Businesses don't have to pay a lot for security systems. With Video Live Journal, you have total flexibility in choosing a solution with the lowest cost or highest quality, and it can be setup in minutes. With data being stored in the cloud, your evidence are preserved, be it a fire, natural disaster or a break-in. Record only when you're not at home or office.

Baby / Kid Monitoring
Add a webcam to a room to keep an eye on your children or relatives. Always in touch with what you treasure most. You can't be present for each precious moment. But with Video Live Journal you can be sure to capture every memory.

Pet Surveillance
See what your dogs and cats are up to while you're out and about. Even if you cannot monitor 24x7, you can see the mystery of "unexplainable" couch holes and missing cookies from the table.

Outdoor Monitoring
Video Live Journal supports outdoor monitoring, whether it be with a low-cost or high-quality camera. Video Live Journal can support any outdoor IP cameras. For instance, Live Camera Journal will analyze movements in the frame and automatically display recorded events of people, cars, the appearance of unidentified objects, or light flashes, doing so through miniaturized images. This will significantly reduce your equipment and server RAID requirements and thereby minimize the total network load. Easily manage a large number of web cameras. Connect cameras from multiple locations to the Cloud. Get a notification when someone stays on or around your property for an extended period of time. Get notified in Live Camera Journal when a person or an object crosses it. You can connect webcams from unlimited number of physical locations, all while organizing cameras through intuitive program's interface.

Broadcast Cameras
Broadcast publicly and promote your business by easily embedding IP camera footage to your website. Take your broadcast public or keep it private with the option to set up password protection. You can watch all webcams at once, by placing cameras in several locations, removing the need for a physical presence. A link to the camera will be automatically created so that you can share it to the world immediately.

Share your cameras
Access all your web cameras either using your smartphone or computer anywhere there is internet access, no matter if you are on a vacation or at your home office, you always know what is happening, wherever your cameras are. You can share your camera with your friends, co-workers and family members

Such an approach allows the operator to focus on important events or particularly urgent tasks.
The software can perform the following tasks:

  • detection of moving people or vehicles;
  • recognition of car license plates
  • detection of people in crowded environments,
  • unattended objects within restricted areas;
  • detection of objects by shapes;
  • detection of objects that disappear from the field of view (theft control).

Any of various inexpensive DVR can be used instead of an expensive recorder, thus minimizing costs. Video stream from different recorders and web cameras can be processed via the Video Live Journal video surveillance server. You can now implement a more agile, ai video surveillance system without having to waste money on expensive equipment.

Software based on artificial intelligence
With the ease, flexibility and broad features, Video Live Journal can fit any low-end or high-end surveillance needs.

Monitor your Home
Flexible service plans to meet your requirements.
Creating a home security system has never been easier. While conventional security systems require you to purchase their costly hardware, Video Live Journal can work with any IP camera; you can even use any smartphone, tablet or webcam as a security camera. You can start using our service in minutes.

Track events with ai motion detections
The Easiest Security Solution for Instant Surveillance!. Use any IP camera, webcam, tablet or smartphone. Keep tabs on things while you're away with event notifications
and recordings stored either locally or in the cloud. The system is capable of analyzing video from multiple web cameras, recording events, and performing actions as per settings (sending of messages, opening of the boom gate, etc.).

Monitor your Business
Businesses don't have to pay a lot for security systems. With Video Live Journal, you have total flexibility in choosing a solution with the lowest cost or highest quality, and it can be setup in minutes. With data being stored in the cloud, your evidence are preserved, be it a fire, natural disaster or a break-in.
Video surveillance solution for business is designed for those who don't want to bother with complicated and expensive systems.

Video Surveillance
There are a few essential specifications to look for when choosing a security camera. If you're leaning towards a monitored system, start by comparing providers and offers to pick the perfect one for your home.

Wired vs. Wireless Security Cameras

Another aspect to be aware of when choosing a security camera is whether the camera is designed for wired or wireless use.

A wired security camera is powered by a cable connection, and in some cases, a wired connection may be required for recording and storing footage. Today, you'll typically find wired security cameras that are powered over an Ethernet connection (PoE). Wired cameras may require drilling or professional help for installation. One benefit of a wired security camera is that it will consistently receive power, and you won't have to be concerned with recharging a battery or having sunlight for solar energy.

A wireless security camera may require a cable connection for power, but may use Wi-Fi for storing footage. One benefit of a wireless security camera is its ease of installation. You won't have to drill holes to run cables, but you may need to up the camera closer to a power outlet. A wireless security camera is also a better option for renters and those who may move more frequently because of the light setup. Here are some of the pros and cons of purchasing a wired or wireless security camera.

Wired Security Cameras

Consistent power
No Internet interference issues
Better for larger homes and properties

Can require lots of cabling
May need professional installation
Not the best option for renters or frequent movers

Wireless Security Cameras

Less cabling
Can use Wi-Fi for storing footage
Great for renters and frequent movers

May need to position near power outlet
Can be susceptible to power outages
Can experience Internet interference
Video Alarm Verification

Another aspect you'll want to keep in mind when choosing a security camera is whether or not you want video alarm verification. This feature is typically found with home security providers, rather than security camera manufacturers. With video alarm verification, a video clip is normally taken and sent to your provider's monitoring center, and an agent will view the clip to verify if the authorities need to be dispatched to your home. If you want video alarm verification, in most cases, you'll need to purchase a professional monitoring plan with a home security provider

Using this technology, you can not worry while away, and control the technological processes at the enterprise, the work of employees and equipment, your own home, your children and households. Monitoring can be carried out both from a specially created monitoring center, and from your smartphone.

An important advantage of cloud video surveillance is the ability to combine cameras located at different objects in a single center. This greatly facilitates access to video archives. Information will be stored in encrypted form in the data centers of companies that created cloud storage.